I am having trouble booking Crew members, what should I do?

First login and go to the Search Crew page where you should be able to search for a crew members profile. If you have any issues with this please see How do I view Crew member profiles? below.

Once you have chosen you crew member click the “Book Me” button on their profile. Then if you have already created your “Job” this should show in your booking list, otherwise please create a new job.

If the crew member is available for that date you can then select the “Book” button next to the job details. Fill in the required role and dates and then click “Request Dates”.

An email will then be sent to the Crew member to confirm their availability and you will be emailed once they respond.

How do I view Crew member profiles?

First login and go to the Search Crew page where you should be able to search Crew profiles, if you get redirected to the dashboard and do not see “Search Crew” in the menu then it is likely you are registered as a Crew account and do not have access to other users profiles.

If you feel this is a mistake please contact contact info@crewscotland.com.


What are the recommendations for uploading a banner image to my profile?

Recommended dimensions for the top banner of a crew profile are 2000px by 700px | Max 3Mb. You can update your image by clicking here and clicking anywhere on the banner.

Please note: Since April 2018 Top Banner Images are now required for both Image and Videos. If you published your profile before this you may not have an image uploaded, so we would recommend adding one.

My card is about to expire, how do I update it?

Users that are signed up to a membership plan can update their card details by heading to the “Membership Details” page in “My Account” or by clicking here. You can then click the “Update Payment Method” button.

When do I pay for my subscription?

If you are signed up to a membership, you can view information about your membership (when logged in) via “My Account” at the top of each page. Details can then be found in “Membership Details”. If you have any questions please contact us at info@crewscotland.com


I haven’t received any emails from you to my registered email address, what do I do?

Please check your spam folder or “other” folder if you have a Gmail/Hotmail account. If you still do not receive your email please contact info@crewscotland.com with your full name and email address as you may have entered it incorrectly on registration.

I’ve forgotten the email I signed up with, how do I get a reminder?

Please contact us at info@crewscotland.com with your full name and we can send you login details.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Click here to access the password reset page. Enter your email address and click the “reset password” button. An email will be sent to you within an hour, please check spam and other folders and if you have not received it in this time please contact info@crewscotland.com.

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